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Christmas Shoe Project

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LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project is about more than a fight for survival; we want to show children that life is also about finding joy. That’s why we say, “Christmas joy comes in pairs!” Sharing the gift of new shoes with a child who has never had a new pair – or has maybe never even worn shoes – is a moment of pure joy.

Some of the children who will receive shoes this year live near garbage dumps where they scavenge for food and items to sell. They walk over trash and broken glass, risking cuts, infection and disease. Others must navigate dangerous terrain or cross hot, burning sands in desert regions in search of water sources – all without the protection of shoes. 

But when the children put on their new shoes, joy becomes evident in their smiles. They run, play and laugh as they admire their shoes, which are sure to improve their quality of life. It seems like such a simple gift ... but be assured, it’s a life-changing gift for them.

For families with little to no income, buying new shoes for their children is not an option. Without shoes, the children are susceptible to wounds that can lead to devastating consequences including crippled feet, disease and, in rare cases, even death. A new pair of shoes made from sturdy, durable, water-resistant material is their treasure to keep, and that’s why “distribution day” in their village is a time of pure joy.

This is the 10th year of LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project. Thank God that such a simple idea – sturdy, durable shoes – has had such a big impact on the health of children around the world. This year as we distribute more pairs of shoes, we are thankful for your help in spreading the good news of Jesus’ love presented as new shoes!


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